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Recorded in archives of Prince George County Courthouse, the vicinity known today as Providence Road, was referenced as Jerusalem Plank Road during the Civil War.

A map of Prince George County, dated 1864 and prepared by the Chief Engineers Office Department Northern Virginia depicts Jerusalem Plank Road extending across the County and into Petersburg.

Stand on Historic Ground

Scents of Cedar B&B rests on the southwest corner of the Prince George County just a short distance from neighboring Dinwiddie County. It was during the Richmond-Petersburg Campaign of June 1864 – March 1865 that Jerusalem Plank Road first felt the tremors of the Civil War.

The historic battle is also referred to as the First Battle of Weldon Railroad. From the veranda of Scents of Cedar B&B, the whistles of the railcars can be heard today. It was during the early days of June 1864, that Union troops attempted to dismantle tracks on the Weldon Railroad to disable the supply lines into Petersburg.

Though Confederate troops were able to counterattack, the Union Army gained ground. It is estimated that the forces suffered 4,000 casualties. Later, on 29 June 1864, in adjacent Dinwiddie County, Union Generals again reached Ream’s Station on the Weldon Railroad. They were surrounded by members of the Confederate Infantry.

In the heat of that summer, wagons were burned and the Union Army was driven back to Old Stage Road and across Nottoway River. It is recorded as a Confederate Victory but more than 60 miles of track was torn up and rail traffic to Petersburg was disrupted. Six hundred men gave their lives in this battle. Jerusalem Plank Road was the site of one last battle on 25 August 1864 when the Union’s II Corps was shattered.

The American Flag is proudly displayed at the entrance to Scents of Cedar B&B. It waves in honor of those fallen soldiers of long ago battles and for those who are now serving in defense of our Country.

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