The Grand Room

The Grand Room is a spacious combination of dining area, kitchen and living room. It is accented by a collection of Civil War art. A beautiful stone fireplace is the centerpiece of the room, with John Paul Strain’s Romney Expedition as the focal point above the mantel of the fireplace.

Other pieces in the collection are Christmas Blessing by John Paul Strain, Candlelight and Roses by Mort Kunstler,The Generals Were Brought to Tears by Mort Kunstler, The Battle of Gettysburg by Mort Kunstler, and calendar prints Covered with Glory and Confederate Christmas by Mort Kunstler.

The Heart of a Southern Girl by local artist Henry Kidd is one of Kathy’s personal favorites. Some of the newest additions to the collection are Farewell by Edward Clay Wright, Jr. and The Prayer At Valley Forge by Arnold Friberg.

When the fireplace is lit and the candles are set aglow it’s a lovely, quaint setting for a wedding. An American Flag is proudly displayed above the bay window in the Grand Room. This flag was flown over the White House in honor of Bill’s retirement upon devoting 42 years of service to this country.

Guests are invited to enjoy breakfast at the family table, or weather permitting, on the veranda. In the spring time, morning coffee tastes better in the fresh air. This makes for a great spot to plan your day. Kathy has prepared a portfolio of local attractions and will be happy to assist you with directions and reservations. In each case, a collection of china is used to make each meal appealing and tasteful.

A spiral staircase designed by Spiral Stairs of America of Erie, Pennsylvania leads upstairs to two guest rooms.This winding staircase connects the downstairs game room with the first floor and continues into the upstairs loft. It is encircled with stone laid by a master mason from Emporia, Virginia named Mr. Mack Holmes. Mr. Holmes’ craftsmanship is also found in the design of the stone fireplace, inlaid red brick kitchen counter tops, and in the stone walkways surrounding the exterior.

A hearty breakfast is prepared for guests on Kathy’s reproduction 1850 Cook’s Delight Stove acquired from Elmira Stove Works, Canada. It’s nicholed front legs and skirt are immaculately polished. The same care and attention to detail goes into the preparation of each guest’s breakfast. Scents of Cedar are not the only inviting aromas at this B&B. To ensure special attention to each guest, breakfast selections are required when making reservations.